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This is our time as we move Beyond 100

Presentation in front of a crowd

At Premier Tech, everything we do stems from a genuine desire to build lasting relationships — with our suppliers, partners, clients, team members, and the communities we call home. This longstanding commitment to balance the short and long term has always been a big part of our success. 

Driving this ambition is a desire to grow globally while strengthening our local footprint. This opens up a world of possibilities for our products and services while positioning Premier Tech as a world-class partner for our clients. The strength of our deep local roots puts us at an advantage to help our clients succeed in whatever they set out to do.

Achieving our ambitions for over a century and beyond

This kind of performance and growth over time is no accident. For several decades, Premier Tech has diligently planned and executed its strategic development plan. Together as a team, we move forward with a clear vision and a meaningful purpose. 

We have had our eye on the $1 billion mark for a few years, and hitting the target is yet another proof of what we can accomplish and our ability to achieve our full potential.

It is a clear and solid message from our clients of how much they value what we bring to them — our services and technologies — and it testifies to the trust they put in us. It also reflects the strength of our brands in all the markets where Premier Tech operates. But this steady and sustained growth would be impossible without the commitment and passion of thousands of team members around the world who have made Premier Tech a success story for a century.

Here’s to the next one hundred

We undertake the future with confidence and conviction, building on our strong foundations and rich history, and resolutely focused on the future. Our actions and outlook for the coming year are fuelled by the depth and breadth of our experienced teams and the energy they bring to the table every day. These building blocks move us forward and will carry us into our second century, where we can count on our strong financial footing, our knowledge and our expertise, but most importantly on everything we have learned in our first 100 years of existence as well as the skill set and know-how of the Premier Tech Team, an enthusiastic and committed group of people with the tools and drive to deliver profitable growth into the long term. 

Over the years, we have always stayed true to ourselves and our purpose — which brings together People and Technologies in order to help make a difference by feeding, protecting, and improving our world. And this acts as a foundation for the next chapter in our unique history while we are accelerating forward.

Our unwavering desire to have a lasting impact on people’s lives and deliver value to our clients is what motivates our team and upholds our purpose. We are confident that our promise to make a difference and support our clients and partners in their success will pave the way forward for us. 

Now more than ever, this is our time.