Premier Tech is all about people

About how we make things happen together, driven by a powerful desire and a steadfast commitment to make a difference.

Woman Engineer

Working with us is different

Our team gathers every day with one goal in mind: to create an experience like no other for everyone around us. At PT, we want to offer something more. Through our passion, energy, expertise and commitment, we strive to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives — the kind that leaves a lasting impression.

Team Member using computer program

We are long term

Right from the start, we invest the time and energy necessary to master the science and technology behind the products we offer. Why does it matter? Because this knowledge allows us to connect our technologies with real market needs, creating products that are relevant today — and for years to come.

Yellow Fanuc Robot

We are manufacturers

Our technologies would be pointless if we couldn’t bring them to the people they’re designed to benefit. At PT, subcontracting is the exception, not the rule. We do things ourselves and, when no manufacturing processes exist to support our ambitions, we invent them.

worlwide presence

We are glocal

We’re a global company. Yet we believe the true value of our worldwide presence rests in the deep roots our teams have established locally. Being local translates into tailored offers, but most importantly, custom support throughout the life cycle of our products. Because when we commit, we commit for good.

Team Members talking outside

We build lasting relationships

At PT, we care. Not just about each other, but about everyone who crosses our path. Our open, transparent Culture motivates us to build genuine partnerships. That’s how we make a difference as a company. Because for us, people matter.


Conceiving new approaches, new methods, perceiving today what tomorrow will be made of to meet the market’s demands better. It means imagining a new world in order to achieve it!


Proposing new ideas, creating innovative concepts, encouraging difference. Making room for change and openness in order to help the company move forward. It means standing out!


Combining our strengths and passions with those of our team members, with one goal in mind. Showing openness towards others, participating in discussions and sharing our opinions constructively to reach a solution that results from everybody’s contribution. It means collaborating!


Knowing how to adjust rapidly, evolving with flexibility within a moving environment, responding to change effectively. Finding our place within an unpredictable world context with ease and confidence. It means knowing how to adapt!


Accomplishing work with precision and rapidity. Evolving daily in diligence and excellence, while respecting the environment’s imperatives. Avoiding routine and always trying to improve. It’s fulfilling ourselves through our talents!

“There are those who seek to create new products. And there are companies like PT that redefine the very process of innovation.”

Pierre Talbot

Senior Vice-President Innovation

Premier Tech Team Member Pierre Talbot