What sustainability means to us 

At Premier Tech, sustainability is more than measurables goals.

It is going above and beyond to generate a greater positive impact for all. It is an ongoing journey and we are committed to sustain ourselves over time, finding the right balance between taking care of the planet and people to ensure a shared prosperity.

It is a commitment to sustainability and beyond.



For us, helping to protect the planet involves developing a comprehensive understanding of environmental challenges. It also means implementing concrete actions to minimize the footprint of our activities and products.  

A success story

The Ecoflo® biofilter, an ecodesign model 

As the Ecoflo® biofilter was designed, we wanted to unlock the potential of peat moss, and its function as a natural barrier and filter in wetlands. Our goal was to recreate that ecosystem in a gravitational water treatment system, which would naturally work without any additional energy source. 

Right from its original conception at the end of the 1980s, the Ecoflo® biofilter was innovative and included concepts inspired from the life cycle thinking — great life expectancy, gravity mechanism, compact and repairable. Life cycle analyses have since then confirmed the relevance of this process and they are now the foundation on which we keep developing the product. 

Two people in front of an Ecoflo biofilter


We care for people. We are committed to the well-being and development of team members, partners and communities. 

Success story

A unique learning ecosystem

The University of Premier Tech (UPT) was created in 2015 to support the skills development of team members. UPT offers various learning solutions thanks to 250 trainings and resources, a team of some 15 training experts and a mobile platform. 

UPT includes programs designed for managers or experts as well as trainings for the development of professional, technological and technical skills. UPT is key to the ongoing development of knowledge and skills within the company. 


Two team members working together


We address sustainability with ambition and determination, driving change and creating value for our clients, our industries, our partners, our communities and the environment.  

Success story

Raising the standards through collaboration 

As a founding member of the Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG), Premier Tech has been committed to its success since 1992. The PERG results from a collaboration between the Canadian horticultural peat moss industry, the academic scientific community as well as federal and provincial government agencies.

Our strong and historical partnership with the PERG shows our commitment to maintain high peat bogs management standards and continuously improve them — not only in Canada, but also in Europe. 


A regenerating peat bog