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At Premier Tech, we believe in people. We believe in their individual and collective power. We are convinced that they are the unique and most distinctive factor putting a company into motion and giving it its soul. In the mid-eighties, we made the conscious decision to reflect these core beliefs in the way we refer to ourselves. This is when we pivoted from being employees to being team members, truly reflecting who we are

Team member, noun 
A person that is a part of a group, acting together in order to achieve something 

Together, we are never alone. We are strong of our differences and propelled by the power of ONE. ONE, as in the individual power to make a difference. ONE, as in the collective power to succeed together as one team. 

The power of one team 

We are the Premier Tech Team. We are inventors, machine operators, engineers, brand managers, welders, salespeople, experts, managers, intrapreneurs. We are a collective greater than the sum of its parts. Because we have a common Purpose. Because we are inspired, driven, passionate, caring, and so much more. But above all, we are team members. That is what makes us different. We are unique, yet somehow, we are all united by our desire to make a difference, individually and collectively. And we keep on doing so, not because we are asked to, but because it is who we are at our core. It is our Purpose. And we simply could not do otherwise.

The power of many voices

We believe in the power of engaging in deep and rich conversations, of challenging ourselves and — yes, sometimes — debating ideas and butting heads. With so many unique talents and inspired individuals coming together, we are determined to foster the right environment and conditions for ideas to blossom and for connections to develop. This is why we commit to creating environments in which every team member has a voice. By personally engaging in these conversations, by sharing our thoughts and ideas, we make things happen and move forward to shape our individual future — and Premier Tech’s. A future in which all stakeholders can grow and thrive. 

Our human approach to teamwork transforms ordinary internal meetings and evaluations into meaningful walk and talks and engaging team conversations. This reveals our caring nature and allows us to remain agile — never static — and to act on feedback.

Because connecting and creating synergies is so important to us, we are always willing to make time for each other and create safe spaces to foster open and honest conversations. With thorough team member surveys, day-to-day issues, challenges and struggles are put forward, but so are day-to-day successes, prides and wins. Because talking about the real stuff — good and bad — only makes us stronger as a team.

This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2022. 
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