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The multiple voices of strategic planning

Premier tech team member talking

Our future, we are building it day by day, through our actions and decisions. We are building it, investing in it, and we have been doing so for more than 30 years. Giving ourselves some room and allowing ourselves time to be forward-looking. At Premier Tech, strategic planning is a core process uniting our teams and fuelling our development. We are constantly exploring new ways of enabling broad strategic thinking, rich and inclusive conversations, and immersive collaboration. Our whole approach aims to bring the plan to life, taking it from the drawing board to a disciplined execution. Its value lies in the process and its coherence, as well as in the unity and agility it brings to our teams — in fact, it is a lot more about planning than the plan itself. 

Although this approach started intuitively in 1991, it evolved by design over the years, aiming to create the right conditions for team members to engage in open and vibrant conversations. Strategic planning has become a superb example of how we put the power of many voices into action. 

Shaping 2027

As we entered this cycle of strategic planning, we felt time was ripe to bring this cornerstone of the way we run our business — the PTWAY — to the next level. Once again, we made a point of engaging as many voices as we could in the process to develop Premier Tech’s strategic plan — as relevant and strong as possible — for the years 2022 to 2027 and beyond.

More than 500 team members invested themselves in thousands of hours of conversations and challenges through close to a hundred forums, capturing our way forward and designing our strategic plan, VISION 2027. Not only did we make time to connect in person, but we also expanded the conversation to more than another 1 000 team members worldwide through our online collaborative platform to enrich and deepen our strategic planning process. It allowed every team member to reflect and exchange on various strategic and tactical topics, while fostering a boundaryless conversation.

Throughout the process, we have been able to grasp one another’s reality, which is specific to our expertise, markets or culture. We listened to each other and realized that our voices, however different they may be, are all distinct expressions of our Culture and Values. They are the living proof that at Premier Tech, we find unity in diversity. 

With such an undertaking comes the challenge of bringing all these individual voices into a collective one. This is a meticulous process of translating words, numbers, ideas and ambitions into concrete objectives and strategies. As it shapes our actions for the years to come, this common vision of where we are headed and how we are going to get there is the undeniable proof that at Premier Tech, our unique voice carries long and far. 


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2022. 
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