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Premier Tech and cycling

A perfect fit

Our passion for cycling is closely tied to our Values and Culture. Premier Tech and cycling teams both rely on individual strengths — while also focusing on teamwork —, as well as the desire to win and surpass themselves to become leaders. It is that common vision that gives meaning to this strong and unique partnership.


A long-standing commitment

Premier Tech’s commitment toward this sport started more than 25 years ago and just keeps on growing. Dedicated to making a difference in the world of cycling, we are doing everything we can to promote it and contribute to its growth. We create opportunities for riders and other professionals involved in the sport, whether they are part of various national amateur cycling teams or professional cycling teams at the international level.


A lasting impact

By developing permanent infrastructures, spurring on the passion of younger cyclists and paving the way for them — and other professionals involved in the sport — Premier Tech supports the growth of cycling and leaves a lasting impact.

Our athletes

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“Cycling fully aligns with who we are. Being in constant motion. Powering forward. Using individual strengths but progressing as a team. These key elements of cycling are equally important to us as Premier Tech team members.”

Jean Bélanger

President and chief executive officer of Premier Tech

Jean Bélanger cycling