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Leadership and management

Bringing out the best in team members

As a company with a clear Vision, we love being challenged and we embrace new ideas. We are committed to developing the abilities and interests of our teams, so we make sure they are supported and guided by inspiring leaders. Being a manager at Premier Tech means being an ambassador of our Values and Culture — the true life force of the organization. 

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You will have the means to achieve your goals

Our long-term Vision is bolstered by a stable shareholder body. It is what allows us to be consistent and clear-cut when dealings with clients, partners, and team members. This is how we have proven ourselves and built relationships of trust with our financial partners, who are helping us to make sure we have the resources needed to achieve our goals and support the growth of Premier Tech and its brands. 

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You will contribute to the company’s growth

Intrapreneurship is a cornerstone of the Premier Tech Culture: we welcome new ideas and fresh perspectives that challenge our thinking. We see mistakes as opportunities to embolden team members to make decisions, take charge of their future, run their own projects, and learn from their experiences. Our managers are inspiring, dedicated leaders who are committed to the company’s success. They help their teams shape the Premier Tech of tomorrow. 

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You and your teams will grow with us

Every year, many new positions are created and many team members are appointed, many of whom end up celebrating their 15th, 20th, or even 40th year within the company. The Premier Tech Experience and work atmosphere are unique! Being a team member at Premier Tech means pursuing personal development and lifelong learning, working alongside the world’s leading experts, and building a whole career — or careers! A world of possibilities and exciting challenges awaits.

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