Team member pointing at charts

Design, marketing and communications

Someone with a PRO-MIX bag

You will work to grow well-known brands

PRO-MIX®, Premier Tech Chronos®, Ecoflo®, Alaskan® … a portfolio of trademarks that embody our Values of Innovation and Execution. Innovative, imaginative solutions. Products that make a real difference for our clients.

Team member presentation

You will have a direct impact on growth

Premier Tech’s Design, Marketing and Communications teams play an active role in shaping business strategy, positioning our brands, and developing advanced solutions for our clients. 

Team member talking in front of a camera

You will be part of an international network of experts

We are backed by an in-house team of videographers, graphic designers, and marketing and communications gurus. They are specialists who know our clients better than anyone else and who love finding new ways to bring the Premier Tech Experience to life.

Team member smiling

You will help promote our Values

Our Culture is reflected in every point of contact we have with our clients, partners, and future team members, be it our website, media content, products — even the architecture of our buildings. These deep roots are what have helped us thrive since 1923.

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