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Together, we are picking up the pace

Israel Premier Tech cycling team

Committed to the world of cycling for over 25 years, we have been providing support and encouraging development that, we are convinced, contributes sustainably and enduringly to the sport. And with success comes determination to go that extra mile. Year after year, our commitment grows. We want to open the door for all actors involved in the sport and create opportunities for future generations. Together, we are building tomorrow’s cycling world.

Premier Tech cycling team
Development Team — Espoir Premier Tech club

Driven by a true passion, we contribute to all levels of the sport — from amateur and recreational to development teams and beyond, up to and including the UCI World Tour. It is our way to spur on the passion of younger cyclists and to be there for them as they hone and develop their talent and launch out into the sport. It is also how we help professional cyclists reach their goals at the highest levels of performance. Over time, we have successfully created vital bridges between the different levels of the sport to foster the emergence of new athletes. Together, we are paving the way for passionate cyclists.

Premier Tech cycling team
Development Team — Premier Tech cycling team

Convinced that it is through the dedication of professionals and the strength of teamwork that passions and dreams come to life, we aim to put as much energy into supporting the mechanics, sports directors, coaches, and healthcare professionals who seek to make a difference in this sport as we do into developing athletes. We want to help everyone grow and develop right up to the professional level if they wish, regardless of their role. Together, we are stronger.

Premier Tech cycling team
UCI Continental Team — Team Union cycliste Nantes Atlantique

We believe in establishing deep roots in the communities where we are active. And what better way to do that than through cycling, a sport that brings people together and builds lasting bonds and a true sense of belonging? This is why we are also supporting local development teams, so they can invest in developing tomorrow’s talent and have a positive impact in their regions. Together, we are making a lasting impact on people’s lives and their communities.

Premier Tech cycling team
UCI Continental Team — Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project

Dedicated to making a difference in the world of cycling, we are doing everything we can to promote it and contribute to its growth. We support cycling as much in Europe, where it is an established sport, as in North America where it is on the rise. We are proud to be the title sponsor of Israel – Premier Tech, the most Canadian team on the World Tour, with five of the six Canadian World Tour riders and several other Canadians in key staffing roles. Together, we are creating unparallelled opportunities.

Premier Tech cycling team
UCI Women's Worldteam — Roland Cogeas Edelweiss Squad

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