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New colours and a new name for the Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project


The Premier Tech U23 Cycling Project team starts its second season with a new jersey and a new name: Ecoflo Chronos. The year 2023 marks a first 100 years of achievement for Premier Tech, leading the company to feature two of its key and historic brands on its U23 development team's jersey.

Main worldwide brand on the compact decentralized wastewater treatment systems market, Ecoflo® represents the outcome of more than 35 years of sustained investments in innovation by the Water and Environment business group. Designed by Premier Tech in Québec, the Ecoflo® biofilter is now manufactured and available in many countries in Europe and throughout North America. This autonomous wastewater treatment system at the cutting edge of technology has the smallest carbon footprint on the market and helps protect the environment and properties. 

Founded in 1881, the Chronos Richardson brand has designed the very first automatic weighing system — a game changer for the packaging industry in the 19th century. Our innovation strength has helped Chronos’ historic product range position itself as a global leader in the packaging equipment industry since its acquisition by Premier Tech Systems and Automation in 2002. 

“We are very enthusiastic and especially determined to continue the work already started during the last season, meaning fostering and developing the talent of young athletes to help them reach the highest level of their sport. We will fully invest ourselves to reach our goals and make the 2023 season a success,” says Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer of Premier Tech.

Dedicated to the UCI continental circuits, the U23 team aims to allow young athletes to experience Europe’s cycling culture, as well as competition and strategy levels different than the North American ones. In fact, it is the most Canadian team on the continental circuit with twelve riders, including eight Canadians — five of whom are from Québec—, three from France and one Israeli. The Premier Tech cycling team aims to develop young athletes and the Canadian technical staff globally to help them reach the highest levels of their sport.