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The Premier Tech 2023 annual report is here

The Premier Tech Report being read

In this milestone year where Premier Tech celebrates its first century of history, the company unveils its 2023 annual report today. This report is an opportunity to look back on the last fiscal year.

Fiscal year 2023 has been marked by much more volatility and turbulence than anticipated. Again this year, Premier Tech was able to count on the energy and commitment of its teams to achieve growth with sales of $1.118 billion.

Once more, team members allowed Premier Tech to overcome the many challenges encountered this year. It is important to thank them for their agility, energy and resilience.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to maintain our commitment to our clients — whom we also want to thank for their trust and loyalty throughout three years
— Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer of Premier Tech

Premier Tech also continued its investment program and its digital transformation efforts as mapped out in its 2027 strategic plan.

The annual report also includes Premier Tech’s sustainability position and strategy, which have been defined over the last year. While the company’s sustainability initiatives used to be the result of a more intuitive and organic approach, they are now part of an intentional drive firmly rooted at the heart of Premier Tech.

 The annual report also includes Premier Tech’s sustainability position and strategy, which have been defined over the last year. 

2023 is also about celebrating another milestone for Premier Tech — 40 years of innovation since the creation of its very first research team in 1983.

This represents four decades in which the company has leveraged the potential of its technology platforms and diversified skills to stand out in its various markets and business sectors.

Celebrating 100 years, and beyond

Together, we move forward — then, now and always. Cherishing our traditions, celebrating team wins, and taking pride in our century-young legacy. Here’s to the next 100 years of us.