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Premier Tech Is Launching Its First Digital Product

Liveline Launch

Premier Tech is pleased to announce the launch of LivelineMC, the first digital product developed by its Digital business group. LivelineMC now provides equipment manufacturers with an innovative tool fully designed by Premier Tech Digital to turn their traditional commercial approach into a 4.0 experience. 

The Power of 3D Visualization at Your Fingertips

LivelineMC leverages knowledge and technologies from the video game industry to allow equipment manufacturers to transform their solution definition process using 3D visualization. Thanks to realistic and fluid machine movement, LivelineMC enables customers to visualize, build configurations and see their future line operate in real time. Moreover, through LivelineMC’s intuitive interface, your salespeople can turn any buying experience into something visual, immersive and unique. Any equipment manufacturer looking to accelerate their commercial digital transformation now has access to LivelineMC, a product designed in collaboration with Premier Tech Systems and Automation, one of Premier Tech’s business group.

“After having conducted extensive research, we realized no technology existed on the market yet. So, we invented it! By positioning digital transformation, either manufacturing or commercial, at the forefront of our vision, our teams can better support our clients with smart, connected and built-in solutions. Simultaneously, they are making sure the acceleration of their digital operations is maintained,” explains Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer of Premier Tech.

To learn more about LivelineMC, visit https://www.ptdigital.com/liveline-configurator

The Strength of a Diverse Team

With more than 25 years of experience in smart manufacturing, Premier Tech Digital draws its strength from its diverse team which combines the skills of video game experts to a strong manufacturing experience — more precisely in engineering. These diverse skills quickly enabled the company to meet its digital goals, while shining a light on a dynamic and passionate team evolving in a start-up environment. On that note, Premier Tech is always looking for the best talents to join its Digital business group’s team.

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