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Beyond 100: Premier Tech celebrates 100 years looking forward

The 100th celebration at the Premier Tech Campus

Premier Tech is proud to kick off this milestone year by launching the celebrations of its 100th anniversary. 

With tomorrow in mind, Premier Tech is 100 years young and always making a difference with passion. 

This timeless look toward the future and the energy that still drives us beyond this first century of history have inspired our team in the design of the graphic signature that marks this significant milestone.

This Beyond 100 signature comes to life with energy. Premier Tech’s timeless blue comes together with epic pink, open sky blue, and passionate tangerine. As the last two digits become one, the infinity symbol, embodies the Power of One. This 100th anniversary logo will take various forms throughout the year. For example, it appears on the 2023 jerseys of our various cycling teams, including of course that of Israel – Premier Tech.

“Premier Tech’s steady and sustained growth is the result of the commitment and passion of thousands of team members across the world for whom our clients’ success is a priority since 1923,” says Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer of Premier Tech. “Resolutely focused on the future and driven by our rich history, we are beyond proud to reach this significant milestone.”

To learn more about Premier Tech’s 100th anniversary and follow its related activities, look at our celebrations webpage. More to come throughout the year — stay tuned!

Now more than ever, this is our time.