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Continuous training in companies to drive mobilization

Team members taking part in a training

Continuous training became a key strategic element to meet the market’s expectations. There are many benefits to professional training, for the individuals as much as for the companies. 

Premier Tech fosters the development of its teams with continuous training

Convinced that each team member has contributed to its growth and durability for the past 100 years, Premier Tech promotes and supports professional development through continuous training. Training within the organization allows us to respond with agility and confidence. By supporting the updating and development of skills, expertise and trades, we foster the confidence and autonomy of our team members

Being able to develop yourself and thrive in the workplace is also extremely rewarding. 
Premier Tech believes in unlocking the talent of each team member. Continuous training offers the possibility to learning to learn by adopting learning strategies that can be used in various fields. Team members can therefore take an active part in their professional development. 

“The training provided me with relevant tools and tips that help me organize and plan my schedule efficiently. It is also interesting to discuss the subject with your colleagues. We come out of the training with new tools helping us to keep up with the steady and inspiring pace of our daily work lives.”

Véronique Tremblay
Labour Relations Director


Application on a cell phone

The University of Premier Tech as a strategic tool 

A corporate university proves to be a strategic tool helping to promote continuous training and implement a learning organization. By offering training focused on the company’s current and future needs, learners can stay ahead of the curve and contribute to finding innovative ideas. It is also a space where you can make mistakes allowing you to draw conclusions and better move forward.

Driven by a constant desire to see its team members grow in their projects and achievements, Premier Tech created its own university in 2015. The University of Premier Tech offers various learning solutions, whether in terms of the subjects covered — program for managers and experts, technical training and training focused on soft skills — or the learning tools used — in-class training, webinar, E-Learning, etc. 


“The support offered to the managers during the Management Program is really rewarding and practical, meaning the concepts can easily be applied in our daily life. This allows us to develop ourselves and have the right tools to succeed in our respective environments while having all the same will to put team members at the top of our priorities.”  
Jérémie Tudeau
Business Architecture Director

The University of Premier Tech (UPT) is also a team dedicated to training supporting the professional development of team members through a learning ecosystem with tailored paths, projects, assignments, coaching and mentoring. These learning methods have been thought out and designed to facilitate the practical application of knowledge in the daily work life of each learner. To meet the various needs of the team members, UPT encourages sharing of knowledge between colleagues — through in-class training or webinars — as much as self-learning through E-Learning, which allows you to complete the training at your own pace and at the desired time and place. 


“UPT is a perfect way for me to improve my knowledge on a professional and personal basis. At Premier Tech, we are lucky to be able to choose training subjects based on our fields of expertise.”   

Marc Boyer
Business Development Manager

By offering learning solutions that answer specific needs, a corporate university like UPT allows a sharing of expertise, methods, practices and tools, as well as a common understanding of the company’s challenges and goals. In that sense, training allows us to increase our collective learning capacity and promotes teamwork, which has been allowing us to make a difference with our customers for over a century.