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At Premier Tech, we are big on traditions because they connect us with where we come from and remind us of our journey so far. Furthermore, they forge our sense of belonging and act as a reminder that we are all part of the same team, regardless of where we are based and the business group we are in. These are some of the reasons traditions are so dear to our hearts. 

One of our many traditions found its origin some 25 years ago. Every year, Premier Tech team members receive a t-shirt. It might sound a bit corny, but it is so much more than a simple shirt — it is a PT-SHIRT —, and the meaning it carries is far from ordinary. It is in fact a symbol that unites all of us around the world, and a tribute to being a member of an international collective — the Premier Tech Team. 

So, what started with a simple intent — having a team t-shirt for a sports tournament — has turned into an incredible tradition of showing our true colours and creating a special moment across various cultural backgrounds, time zones and distances.

Built around this tradition, the PT-SHIRT Day has been bringing us closer together since the beginning. In June 2021, we celebrated 25 years of gathering, connecting and moving forward together. 25 years of PT-SHIRT Days — a symbol of how small details can help us achieve great things together.

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PT-SHIRT Day inspirations from around the globe

The PT-SHIRT has a unique design every year and is worn with pride, but home bases all have distinctive ways of celebrating it. From team picnics and BBQs to team building activities, this is just another way of expressing our diversity in unity.

Committed to making a difference, team members from Des Moines, Iowa brought a philanthropic twist to the PT-SHIRT Day and decided to volunteer as a team. By giving back to their community, they provided a deeper meaning to this unifying tradition — which is the perfect embodiment of what it means to be a Premier Tech team member. 

As you can imagine, nothing can get in the way of our traditions — not even a worldwide pandemic. With the firm intent of having all team members wear their PT-SHIRT on the big day, some of our teams took the show on the road and hand-delivered the PT-SHIRTs right on team members’ doorsteps. If that’s not caring for one another, what is?

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It all began with a t-shirt: a PT-SHIRT

Rivière-du-Loup, 25 years ago — It’s the Peat Moss Festival and the entire town is coming alive. A dozen Premier Tech team members are getting ready for the festival’s baseball tournament but soon realize they have no branded sports attire. As their opponents are all set and wearing their company colours from head to toe, a few team members scramble and show agility to come up with what would become the very first PT-SHIRT. We truly don’t remember the outcome of that baseball game, but on that day, team members created a tradition that still lives and thrives today. 25 years strong and counting.

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