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Intrapreneurship, a driving business force


The term “intrapreneurship” was introduced in the mid ’70s, this concept is still accurate, alive and part of the reflection on the working world as it benefits the rallying and development of teams.


What is an intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is someone making good use of their entrepreneurial spirit in a corporate environment, which is the main difference between an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur. When they are empowered and supported in the implementation of their innovative and creative initiatives with the strength of a team, their playground can expand.

Being an intrapreneur within a company means being able to build on its vision to put forward your ideas. Thus, the intrapreneur is a key stakeholder, an important agent of change, within the company as they break new ground and develop products, processes and services. The intrapreneur’s initiatives actively contribute to the company’s growth.

Yet you still need to find the company that allows a true freedom to act and express ideas…


Why intrapreneurship should be valued?

Despite its global growth and sales exceeding one billion dollars, Premier Tech keeps its entrepreneurial spirit alive as it allowed the company to cement its leading position in its five business sectors. Premier Tech’s business model aims to foster intrapreneurship.

A true intrapreneurial culture extends to the entire company and values people taking action and implementing initiatives to foster innovation and take their projects to the next level. Premier Tech places high priority on making sure that all team members can make decisions, get involved and develop themselves, which can create opportunities.

“Granting autonomy to team members is part of the Premier Tech Culture, enabling them to come up with ideas and innovate. […]. Intrapreneurship is important at Premier Tech and aligns with team spirit. […]. We help one another to move forward and make a difference together.” — Fanny Gosselin, project management coordinator — digital transformation

Premier Tech is a large company with strong entrepreneurial roots. We can develop initiatives, build projects and guide actions to help make a difference on the local and global scales.


Intrapreneurship and collaboration

At Premier Tech, we are not employees, we are team members. We are not using this term as part of a trend; it has been part of our vocabulary for more than 40 years. This team culture is reflected in our horizontal discussions, sharing of ideas and daily collaboration. We can rely on the power of the team to take our projects and ambitions to the next level — our successes are collective ones.

“We are a large family […]. Success is worthwhile when it can be shared with everyone.” — Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer


A new digital product created thanks to intrapreneurship

The launch of Liveline™, in March 2021, is a landmark moment for Premier Tech Digital. A true innovation, Liveline™ enables real-time quick and intuitive production line configuration for both sales force and customers. The genesis of this product? The creativity and ingenuity of our teams! Why not tap into the potential of video game technologies to create a 4.0 solution meeting our clients’ needs and creating a highly visual, immersive and unique experience? This is what came to the Premier Tech Digital team’s mind. It allowed them to develop a tool aiming to drag and drop different equipment in an environment to create a production line in real time.

“After having conducted extensive research, we realized no technology existed on the market yet. So, we invented it!” —  Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer

The Premier Tech Digital team transformed an idea into a concrete solution now available on the market. This is a great intrapreneurial example of what the strength of a diverse, dynamic and passionate team can lead to!

Premier Tech’s initiatives are human-oriented, encouraging us to undertake major projects aiming to enhance and transform the Team Member Experience.

Challenging status quo at the heart of intrapreneurship

Our desire to always push our limits and excel leads us to challenge what we do, do things differently and take risks. We value knowledge and expertise as much as uncertainty tolerance and opposing points of view — as long as we are in motion! We are not afraid of failures; we embrace them and learn lessons from them to improve ourselves. Premier Tech is constantly seeking adventurous new talents willing to take on new challenges and challenge themselves. The company offers countless opportunities and each team member can further their career without compromise.


Join the talents fuelling Premier Tech’s growth:


Companies providing you with the means to fulfill your ambitions are few and far between. At Premier Tech, your role is significant. You can take action, develop initiatives, find solutions and create a unique experience for people surrounding you!