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A New Brand Image for Premier Tech

Premier Tech
A new brand image for Premier Tech
Photo credit: Premier Tech
A new brand image for Premier Tech
Photo credit: Premier Tech

Premier Tech is thrilled to unveil its new brand image today. It features a unique signature that draws on more than 95 years of history built on the Values and Culture shared every day by its 4 500 team members around the globe. A new brand image that brings together Premier Tech’s promise and experience into a coherent and cohesive whole. A renewed identity consistent with the unique relationships the company has forged with clients, partners, communities, and team members worldwide. This identity is now reflected in a forward-looking message that is the cornerstone of Premier Tech brand’s image:


“Premier Tech represents more than 95 years of passion and technological expertise. Throughout those 95 years, we’ve been making a difference for our clients and partners. Our story is founded on the combination of our passion and the curiosity that drives us to understand and use technology in a sustainable and transformative way, so we can make a difference. Our goal is to create products and services that help feed, protect, and improve our world,” said Jean Bélanger, President and Chief Operating Officer.

The Premier Tech Brand

Making a difference, this is what we are all about at Premier Tech. One team driven by a shared passion to deliver solutions that will better the lives of people, businesses and communities.

At Premier Tech, People and Technologies connect in lasting, transformative ways, giving life to products and services that help feed, protect and improve our world. 

We are committed to creating sustainable solutions that help bring beautiful gardens to life, increase crop yields, improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, treat and recycle water, and much more as we keep innovating.

We are Premier Tech
People and Technologies making a difference