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Premier Tech reaffirms commitment to its presence in the World Tour

Premier Tech et le vélo

Committed to cycling for now over 25 years, Premier Tech has decided to give itself more time before finalising its return in the peloton with a World Tour team.

The last five years have been an incredible journey in partnership with the country of Kazakhstan that saw the Astana – Premier Tech team enjoy some incredible wins and successes.

The decision to bring to an end this collaboration in August did not mark the end of Premier Tech’s presence in world cycling but rather opened the door to discussions with many World Tour teams from various countries. “At this moment, we have taken the decision to take a step back for the time being to assess all our options before coming back to the peloton,” says Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer of Premier Tech.


Premier Tech and cycling 
A perfect fit inspired by a long-standing passion 
Making a difference is what we are all about at Premier Tech. One team driven by a shared passion: giving life to products and services that help feed, protect and improve our world.

Premier Tech’s motivation to constantly improve is greatly inspired by its team members, but also by those who have shaped history: pushing the limits to redefine the standards and reach new heights, and sharing the same thirst for excellence and teamwork which are set in motion by a strong desire to constantly surpass oneself.

For nearly a century, Premier Tech has been growing internationally, driven by the collective power of its 5 000 team members in 28 countries. Backed by a quarter-century-long track record of solid growth, Premier Tech today records sales of one billion dollars.

People and Technologies making a difference