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Premier Tech increases its cycling development project with a team in France

Cyclists on the road

Premier Tech is proud to get involved with Union cycliste Nantes Atlantique. This team aims at gathering athletes from all levels, backgrounds and disciplines — whether there are into competitive cycling or cycle touring. UC Nantes just announced its transition to the continental level in 2022 and the Quebec company wants to support the team in its new sports objectives and strengthen its commitment in its communities.

Since 1909, the UC Nantes club has developed a great expertise to support recreational or competitive riders — boys and girls — step by step, that is from the cycling school to high-level N1. This bold vision of cycling and this strong background enable a rich and interesting collaboration.

This announcement is in line with Premier Tech’s commitment toward the development of this sport and its stakeholders — which started more than 25 years ago. The company commits equally toward national amateur cycling — in various countries — and professional cycling at the international level. Its passion for this sport is closely tied to its Values and Culture. Premier Tech and cycling teams both rely on teamwork and the desire to win and surpass themselves to become leaders. It is that common vision that gives meaning to this partnership. 

For the past ten years, Premier Tech has known a sustained and accelerated growth in France — which is now the country with the second-highest number of team members. Indeed, 500 team members represent the strength of the company in France, including more than 200 in the Brittany and Loire regions. Thus, investing itself and sharing its passion for this sport in these regions was obvious for the company.

“With this new team, Premier Tech increases its commitment toward cycling. It is important for us to be present in the cycling world in Quebec and in the various countries where we are active. We also want to contribute to the influence of our communities,” says Jean Bélanger, president and chief executive officer of Premier Tech.