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The TechSanté: A Medical Clinic on the Premier Tech Campus

Premier Tech medical advisor

What if you could have access to health care professionals directly from your workplace? At Premier Tech, that is not just a dream! That’s right, for many years now, Premier Tech has been offering this great benefit to its team members through its TechSanté.

As we often say, the Premier Tech Team is large and diverse, to such an extent that a doctor and a nurse are even part of the team. They are both dedicated to Quebec team members and their families. This unique service perfectly aligns with Premier Tech’s long-standing commitment to promote health. In fact, with the many sports activities, such as yoga classes, running sessions and snowshoe hikes, that are normally organized, the Premier Tech Campus is truly bursting with life!

A Unique and Personalized Experience

The TechSanté offers a wide array of services — from standard medical examination to annual vaccination clinics. Thus, team members benefit from a quick, accessible and tailored walk-in clinic and medical examination service. Can you imagine? With the clinic being directly at their workplace, they don’t even have to wait for an appointment or miss a day of work!

“It’s a great opportunity to be part of a company that innovates to the point of creating such a unique experience for its teams. Since corporative health care services are not that common, I am glad to be able to offer a tailored support to the Premier Tech team members,” says Frédéric Boivin, Premier Tech medical advisor.

Although there are a few hundred kilometres between the TechSanté’s two team members, Frédéric Boivin and Julie Tremblay, the pair are working together to build trusting relationships with their patients. They are going above and beyond expectations by making team members their priority. Indeed, those who have been in touch with these two health care professionals can testify they have been provided with a thorough and caring support.

TechSanté in COVID Mode

For many years, Premier Tech has been aiming to create a flexible and accommodating work environment. The TechSanté was created many years ago with exactly this in mind. The initiative took on its full meaning when the pandemic reached the region in March 2020.

Nurse at Premier Tech

Our desire to put the team members’ physical and mental health at the forefront became stronger than ever. We had to think past the COVID-19 restrictions to answer questions and concerns, all while maintaining a full, caring and tailored service,” explains Julie Tremblay, nurse for whom the TechSanté represents a second wind after a 16-year-long career in the emergency room.

And that is exactly what Frédéric and Julie have managed to accomplish together! For now, the TechSanté’s services are offered by phone or video calls. That is until all team members can be together again on the Premier Tech Campus. A long-awaited moment!

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