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Spotlight on the role of administrative assistant

team members of Premier Tech talking

Aurélie Pannier and Hélène Labrie are respectively an administrative assistant and an executive assistant at Premier Tech. They masterfully carry out a multitude of tasks within their teams. In this article, let’s discover the qualities that make Aurélie and Hélène exceptional team members, as well as the challenges related to their role. 

If there is one skill that Aurélie and Hélène have in common, it is without a doubt their sense of organization. They know their responsibilities and can manage priorities. For example, when they prepare an event, they make sure that everything runs smoothly by leaving no stone unturned. Their ability to manage stress also allows them to think clearly and to react appropriately to unforeseen events — an essential reflex when everything is moving at a high speed. Working as an administrative or executive assistant also requires excellent interpersonal skills, since working with a multitude of teams is an integral part of these positions. The diversity of projects on which Aurélie and Hélène collaborate allows them to enrich their knowledge and satisfy their intellectual curiosity. Very proactive, they are versatile and ensure that the workflow of their team remains efficient.  

Imbued by the Premier Tech Culture and Values, Aurélie and Hélène carry out tasks that have very specific objectives. Aurélie administer the schedules of three managers. She coordinates their daily routine and their travels, and they ensure that the activities run smoothly by preparing various documents. Hélène also has a front-row seat to the action by handling event logistics, planning meetings and business trips at an international scale, as well as producing various presentations for her team. As part of their roles, they use English to translate documents or to communicate with other team members located all around the world. In short, being an administrative assistant at Premier Tech means making a difference in the lives of your colleagues while working in a stimulating environment.