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A Year Where Our Passion Made All the Difference

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Being passionate. Giving our best day after day. 

At Premier Tech, our passion is the driving force that pushes us to excel and give our all in everything we do, from start to finish. 

Last year was hard for many people. It was a long year, with many challenges, yet it didn’t get the best of our resilience and resolve. 

With the firm intent to keep our team members, clients, and partners safe, we found new ways of connecting. We had to self-isolate and accept the fact that we couldn’t get together and bond the way we love to do. It was a necessary sacrifice, but one that will soon be behind us. 

From Montijo to Bécancour, from Mèze to Rivière du Loup, we stayed the course and overcame this crisis by working even more together, but never have we so deeply missed the power of human connection — the locus of our Culture. 

Human connections are an essential part of our DNA. They shape who we are as a company, as team members, as a community, and as people. Virtual connections have protected us, but they are a poor substitute for genuine connection, the emotional impact of meeting in person, the power of interpersonal relationships, and the full potential of human cooperation.

Once this crisis subsides, companies everywhere will have the opportunity to choose how they reengage. That’s why this past year plays a decisive role in our future. Because we are choosing to come back with an even stronger focus on people. 

It’s clearer than ever that our community culture, with its strong, long-term relationships, thrives on spontaneity and the everyday interactions that happen when people who share the same passion and interests spend time with each other. The best ideas emerge when we’re together. And it’s in these moments that we truly get to know each other and lay the foundations for the meaningful connections that sustain us going forward. 

Never has the importance of human connection been so crystal clear. Our Culture and Values are rooted in the idea of a team, the unique synergy we have as a group, the inspiration that multiplies our power to act and create. 

Our ability to make a difference depends on the lasting relationships we have built over time and will continue to forge in the future. No matter what tomorrow holds, we will be united, connected, and ready to move forward together. Just as we have been doing now for almost a century, and this year especially. 

Moving Forward Together

It was a different year, one nobody could have predicted
We were without our friends and families
We were without celebrations and traditions
We were without in-person connections
We were without a normal life

It was a long year, but we showed resilience
It was difficult, but we faced it
It was challenging, but we stayed focused 
It was ever-changing, but we stayed agile
It was hard, but we showed strength

Because together, we are stronger
We’ve learned that human connection is something so precious, yet taken for granted 
We’ve learned new ways to connect and help people around us
We’ve learned to adapt to a transforming world
We’ve learned that, as a team, we are unstoppable

Together, we have a stronger impact
We can build relationships and teams that will adapt over time
We can build great products that help improve the lives of billions
We can build a better world
We can build the future

This is our time, so let’s move forward together
For our families and friends
For our clients and colleagues
For our communities
For our future


— The Premier Tech Team


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
Discover it now: www.premiertech.com/annual-report