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Working in Accounting at PT

Team member working on a computer

"My most significant, stimulating, and challenging project in my career at Premier Tech was to participate in the JD Edwards implementation project at Premier Tech Aqua in France, which lasted 2 years. I participated in the process analysis, worked with French consultants to adapt to France, participated in the configuration of the system, prepared and gave training, participated in integrity testing, and I was also in support directly in France during our 2 deployment phases. It was such a rewarding project on so many different levels. There was teamwork, sharing knowledge and experiences with other team members and consultants, as well as learning new ways of doing things. It allowed me to travel, rub shoulders with my colleagues in France, work with them as a team and especially, to broaden my knowledge."

-Chantal Gagné, Administrative & Financial Project Advisor




"During my first year at Premier Tech, I had the chance to participate in the integration of Prairie Engineering. As the acquisition took place near the end of the year, there were very tight deadlines for preparing the financial statements and Prairie had several international offices and accounting practices very different from ours, which made this challenge even more difficult, but also extremely stimulating. My role has been to be a point of contact between the administrative teams of Rivière-de-Loup and Des Moines, to support Prairie's accounting team and develop their tools. As I traveled regularly between Rivière-du-Loup and the United States, I significantly developed my knowledge of Premier Tech's financial processes and I was able to create ties not only with Prairie's accounting team, but with all the team members. I loved this project so much that I'm now part of Premier Tech Chronos' acquisitions and integrations team."

-François Ganache, Accounting Analyst




"Being passionate about maps and virtual tools of all sorts, I have the chance to work in an accounting team open to new models used to process management information. In collaboration with the sales team, I have been given a lot of freedom to develop charts detailing our positioning on the various current and potential markets. These tools offer great visibility of the evolution of Premier Tech’s activities during presentations to different teams within the company. This project, in constant evolution, facilitates the communication of financial data, an issue that confronts every accountant."

-Rémi Auclair, Sales Financial Analyst




"In 2009, I was involved in the development of a module to improve monitoring project costs and accounting at the financial level. And now, for the past 3 months, I have been part of a project implementing a module that will make it even easier to track cost and record projects. This tool will help us in the gap analysis and increase the performance of Premier Tech. These two projects allowed me to broaden my knowledge, to better get to know the system with which we work, and to work with several teams outside of accounting."

-Frédéric Patoine, Accounting Supervisor