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When sports and work come together as one

Team member smiling

As far back as she can remember, Sarah-Pascale Demers-Dussault has always incorporated her passion for sports into her daily life. Whether it's running, swimming, soccer, cycling... the important thing for her is to move while having fun. In addition to being a runner and triathlete, Sarah-Pascale organizes events at Premier Tech.

One could even say that her job was tailor made for her, as it offers her the opportunity to combine her love of sports with her work. What could be better? She is responsible for Premier Tech sports sponsorship at various sporting events, including the Premier Tech Everest Challenge, the Portageur Race, the Tour de la Pointe, and even an activity that will take place during of the 3rd stage of the Tour de France for the Astana Pro Team. Many of PT’s team members participate yearly in these events.

In addition to having greatly contributed to the Tour de la Pointe sponsorship that took place on Sunday, Sarah-Pascale also ran the 10km race at the event, which was in preparation for her next challenge: the Ottawa Half Marathon on May 26th. "As long as you're out there anyway, why not compete in the race and combine work and fun?" she says. This is called killing two birds with one stone! And, as in everything she does, her goal was to improve, to excel, and to have fun. Her efforts certainly paid off as she stood on the second step of the podium for the 10km run!

Not only is Sarah-Pascale a runner, but she has also recently developed a passion for cycling. "I’ve learned several new techniques, such as the peloton, how to manage hills, and how to ride in a group, because biking is also a team sport", continues the team member, who has been training with other cyclists. "It's a sport that gives you the opportunity to come together and give your best and have fun at the same time."

Premier Tech is also very fond of this sport, since they share the same values. Teamwork, surpassing yourself, and rigor – just to name a few – undoubtedly represent the attitudes that can be adopted for work and biking. "Every member of the team is important, everyone has a role to play and we all have an impact on the end result. The team gives us motivation and encourages us to give the best of ourselves, which we might not have achieved by being alone," she says.

In sports, as well as in her daily work, this team member relies on other enthusiasts who motivate her, complement her, and lead her to surpass herself in order to perform at the height of her objectives. Because that's life at Premier Tech: the possibility of combining passion and work.

If you would like to experience this daily passion, visit www.premiertech.com/en/jobs-search or submit your résumé to [email protected]! We hope to see you soon!