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Stepping Up to Protect Our World

Plant Life Sciences

When you merge intrapreneurial spirit with a burning desire to innovate, everything becomes possible. That’s how we came up with a transformative idea: leveraging our know-how, our 30 years of expertise and our deep knowledge of biotechnology to better our world. This also inspired us to create a whole new business group, our fifth: Premier Tech Life Sciences. 

At Premier Tech, we’re convinced that our potential as a company and the extent of our commitment to build a better world are as boundless as our imagination and our collective spirit of entrepreneurship. That’s why we’ve continually invested in innovation — particularly in biotechnology — for over 40 years. Through these investments and our many years in horticulture and agriculture, we’ve built a large portfolio and an in-depth knowledge of natural active ingredients with much larger properties and applications than that of the horticultural market. Thanks to this special access to raw materials — in the form of microorganisms and molecules — and to the strength of our production and formulation processes, we’re ideally positioned to develop sustainable innovations and harness the full potential of biotechnology. 

We’re driven by the desire to create value by delivering a unique, innovative and targeted offering. We’re also determined to meet the ever-growing needs of the human and animal food sectors. We now see our markets differently, which lets us broaden our offering and horizons. 

The creation of Premier Tech Life Sciences is the natural evolution of an almost century-old company. A business that, while deeply rooted in its markets and stable, is still young and vibrant with dynamism, innovation and ambition. Bold moves like these allow us to fuel our growth and development for years to come — while staying true to our long-term vision. 

Powered by Nature 

Our strategic partnership with Virentia — a Québec startup in biotechnology — is integral to this development. Virentia uses a scientific and environmental approach to extract high-value components in alfalfa and turn them into vegetable protein and other high-value byproducts. 

In March 2021, Virentia announced the start of the Phase 1 construction of its Québec plant. A 45 million investment that will lead to the creation of some 50 jobs. The complementarity of our technological platforms will also allow Premier Tech Life Sciences to rapidly enter the market with a credible and structured offer.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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