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This year only, technology has taken a huge step forward, playing an ever more important role in our everyday life. In such a fast-paced digital world, technologies and trends constantly evolve. That’s why all businesses must embrace change in a timely manner and make digitalization front and centre to their business strategies and investment priorities.

Entering the Digital World

Back in 2016, we decided to set our sights on a new goal: gain a deeper understanding of digital technologies and transform our daily operations at a much faster pace.

First, we decided that our digital journey would be centred around two core elements that needed to work together, but still have their own set of objectives and metrics. We wanted to transform ourselves and make the digitalization of our business a reality. Today, across various projects and teams worldwide, we have close to 100 team members fully dedicated to this effort — up from fewer than ten just five years ago.

We also decided that not only our journey would be internal, but that we would launch a new business group, Premier Tech Digital. It was officially announced in 2017 and now only four years down the road we have almost 200 team members leading the effort of bringing digital products and services to our worldwide customers in order to help them accelerate their own digital transformation.

The Story of Our First Digital Product

People today can hardly spend more than a few minutes without looking at their phones. Why? Because there is an app for everything. This desire for easily and rapidly accessible solutions was soon reflected into our clients’ visions of their own digital transformation. 

The launch of Liveline™, in March 2021, is a landmark moment for our Digital business group. A true innovation, Liveline™ is aimed at helping original equipment manufacturers digitalize their commercial processes and create a better customer experience. This cloud-based software enables real-time quick and intuitive production line configuration for both sales force and customers.

During its development, our team tapped into the potential of video game technologies to create a highly visual, immersive and unique experience for all. Transforming a traditional commercial approach into a valuable 4.0 experience across all users.

Perfectly highlighting the synergy and collaboration between our various business groups, this new digital product was created with Premier Tech Systems and Automation as the development and launch customer. This proximity enabled an intimate feedback loop between the users and the development team, allowing us to deliver significant value to all our stakeholders.


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Think Big, Start Small 

Our team of consultants and experts is all about leveraging innovative digital technologies to empower our customers in their own process of digital transformation. Their journey can start with a simple overall equipment efficiency (OEE) or go all the way to the implementation of a complete manufacturing execution system (MES) or advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS). As an official integrator for GE Digital — or through our own applications — we can work hand in hand with our clients and allow them to think big but start small in the digitalization of their processes. 

With a strong foothold in North America — and now in Europe — we can better support our clients in their industry 4.0 projects. Deploying and adapting innovative end-to-end solutions to enable their goals of higher assets utilization and increased efficiency, while improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

The Future Is Digital 

At Premier Tech, digital transformation is at the forefront of our vision for the future. Driven by a unique passion for innovation and digital technologies, we will keep on adding to our portfolio of skills and our expertise, while exploring new market spaces to help transform companies and industries. In such a fast-moving technological environment, we are committed to investing in future digital products, pursuing strategic acquisitions as we see fit and expanding our team capabilities through training and hiring in order to deliver upon our strategic goals and ambitions.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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