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Music tattooed on the heart

Team member smiling

Wherever I go, I need music. At home, in the car, it goes without saying, it’s just a part of me. Even at Premier Tech, I listen to music at my desk, it just helps me be more efficient. Listening to music greatly effects our mood and attitude. I’d say it’s even contagious!

My passion for music began a long time ago: My parents introduced me to music when I was very young. As a teenager, I got my first sound system, and as a student I worked in a music shop. It was there that it all started. Since then, my passion for music and vinyl never stopped growing.

Music is literally ingrained in me (I even have it tattooed on my body)! Some people collect stamps, and other collect bells. For me it’s vinyl! It’s a real passion, and I find that the sound from records is so much better! Its raw and pure. And contrary to what many people believe, vinyl never dies!

A passion to share!

A few years ago, I decided to share my passion by organizing musical evenings in places where people enjoy getting together.

Because music is powerful, it often brings back memories for people! Also, a large part of those who come to my parties are team members at Premier Tech. It proves that my passion is transmitted even to my work and that I am not the only one who likes it!

Music brings us together!

This year for PT-Shirt Day, they asked me to be the DJ on the PT Campus, and it was an incredible experience! I got so many compliments, and I was happy to play music that my team memnbers had also chosen. An event made just for us.

A few years ago, I started a group with two friends who also share my passion. We called ourselves Les Disciples du Vinyle (The Vinyl Disciples). We plan events where we invite people from all over Quebec to swap and discover music on vinyl. It shows that my passion is spreading, and I am happy to see that this whole adventure is taking paths that I never imagined!

What’s great about Premier Tech is that I can be passionate about my job, just as I am encouraged in my passion for music. Premier Tech encourages passion... at all levels!

Join me and our passionate team www.premiertech.com/carrieres!


About the blogger
Daniel Gagné has been a Premier Tech team member for 10 years. As a Storekeeper, his role is to process orders that deliver parcels to industrial packaging customers across Canada and around the world. He is proud to work in a local company that is situated in 25 countries, that’s always growing, and is involved in its community!