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At Premier Tech, we are constantly pushing our limits to reach new heights. To do so, we mainly focus on developing our professional skills and technical knowledge.

In 2015 — in the midst of our strategic planning for 2020 — we created our very own in-house university. Since five years, the contribution of the 14 team members of the University of Premier Tech (UPT) has allowed each team member to develop their skills and professional career. 

UPT aims to empower team members to improve their knowledge and expand their skills in order to deploy their talents, fuel their passion and fulfil their ambitions. This all takes meaning with the different career paths offered to those who wish to grow their expertise or become managers. With 250 trainings, courses and programs offered online — through its mobile learning platform launched in 2018 — UPT supports the technical and technological development of team members and contributes to growing our expertise on a daily basis.

“The innovative training programs offered by UPT are part of our increasing investments in training since 2010 and demonstrate our long-standing desire to help team members grow. UPT represents a yearly $7M investment.”

— Yvan Pelletier, Senior Vice-President Organizational Development


We believe that the strength of the Premier Tech Team is built on its diversity and collective know-how. That’s why we created UPT, which allows us to develop our expertise according to our preferences and aspirations. It enables each of us to contribute to our clients’ success, while supporting the growth and long-term success of the company.

Lasting Partnerships to Drive Innovation

We constantly invest the time and energy needed to master the science behind our commercial offers and extend the use and reach of our technologies. This thirst for excellence allows us to create timeless products and services, and offer technological solutions perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs. To drive this desire to constantly achieve more and offer trainings that are relevant to the markets’ realities, we have built solid partnerships with academic institutions. One of the ways of bringing this collaboration to life is through a scholarship program for graduate students in engineering at Université du Québec à Rimouski. Since 2017, $150 000 have been given to five students. Selected applicants have been working on innovative projects in flexible and rigid industrial packaging. With such lasting and tangible results on our technical offer, our commitment to these institutions truly comes to life.

Constant collaboration between stakeholders in the surrounding technological ecosystem helps us develop innovative, environmentally friendly technologies — a symbol of our meaningful commitment to the academic world.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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