Team member at PT-SHIRT Day

For 23 years now, the PT-SHIRT Day has been celebrated all over the world in the various home ports of Premier Tech. But what exactly is PT-SHIRT Day?

Each year, team members are invited to celebrate the Premier Tech Culture during a day where they receive their annual PT-Shirt, and spend the day participating in many different organized activities. It's much more than a distribution of t-shirts! This tradition is truly an event. It’s a chance for team members to connect, celebrate and share; a moment to feel that they are all part of the same team – the best team in the world! As members of a sports team would do on a matchday, PT team members proudly wear their shirts to show their unity and team spirit.

What’s the idea behind it? "To foster the vision that we share all the same values, that we are a great team, even if we do not cross paths every day. It reinforces the sense of belonging and is truly a symbol of team spirit across borders," says Mona Simard, whose mission is to make the team experience as enjoyable as possible at Premier Tech.

Soccer matches, yoga class, picnic lunch under a big tent, DJ, surprises... everything needed to spend a great day with our colleagues at the Premier Tech Campus!

With 1400 team members on campus, it’s rare people cross paths with each other every day. The idea of the PT-SHIRT Day is that they meet, develop bonds and exchange ideas together.” Afterwards, they may want to meet again to "brainstorm", and to share ideas to help each other and improve. As an individual, when you feel like you're part of a group, something bigger than yourself, it has a ripple effect, so it's definitely beneficial to Premier Tech," Mona continues.

The PT-SHIRT Day doesn’t only take place in Rivière-du-Loup! Mona and her team have prepared kits to be sent to 44 other home ports of Premier Tech so that they too can experience this day together, in the same atmosphere and with the same thematic elements.

On the road with my PT-SHIRT!

After PT-SHIRTday, the team members also have the chance to participate in a traditional contest "On the road with my PT-SHIRT”! When traveling abroad, they take a picture of themselves wearing their PT-SHIRT for a chance to win the grand prize. This initiative is once again celebrating Premier Tech Culture proudly sporting its PT-SHIRT. A hundred team members participated last year which was a great demonstration of the pride and commitment team members have towards Premier Tech.

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