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As the Ecoflo® biofilter celebrates its 25th anniversary, we look to the future and celebrate the incredible potential the brand still has to offer. Twenty-five years of passion and innovation at Premier Tech Water and Environment have only strengthened our drive to create sustainable solutions. Because that’s how we make a difference: by making sure today is all about protecting tomorrow. 

Sustainability Matters

Innovating for the long term requires a vision, a transformative drive to bring to life ideas that will stand the test of time. It means looking beyond product development to imagine innovative solutions that will have a real impact on our planet and significantly transform an industry. 

Ecoflo® brand was born of such an innovative idea: to leverage the full potential of peat moss and create a technology with a genuine impact. This venture gave rise to a brand-new industry, sparked 25 years ago by the commercial launch of the onsite wastewater treatment system with the smallest environmental footprint. As a company that cares about the impact we have on the world around us, we are more determined than ever to create greener solutions rooted in a sustainable life-cycle approach. From inception to commercialization, the Ecoflo® biofilter is a testament to our longstanding commitment to protecting our health and improving the quality of our water resources. With its natural, renewable, and compostable filtering medium now available in a 100% coconut husk fragments version, the Ecoflo® biofilter gives a second life to a valuable resource while upholding its promise of sustainability.

Arvès: The Story of a Brand

Our commitment to the rainwater harvesting industry isn’t anything new — we’ve been active in this field since 2010. When we started, our Water and Environment business group was largely focused on deploying the Ecoflo® biofilter in France, and our product portfolio was rather limited. Four years later, we made our first incursion into the German market and acquired Rewatec, thereby adding a range of rainwater harvesting products to our lineup. Although most of the solutions at that time were mainly inground products, it was becoming increasingly clear that decorative harvesting solutions had real market potential, and we took notice. This led to the acquisition, in 2016, of 3P Technik which added a complete line-up of products aligned with our vision for this market sector.

With the launch of Premier Tech’s new brand image, nearly a decade on, we made the strategic decision to endorse our product brands with the Premier Tech brand. But we needed a flagship brand for our products and services in aboveground rainwater harvesting. This brought us to create Arvès®, a whole new brand perfectly in line with our vision and ambitions for this promising sector. 


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Inspired by the Beauty of Water

For so many, design refers to something trendy, stylish, merely pretty. Yet design comes from an idea that is so well conceived, it appeals to both our senses and our intellect. Because creating purposeful, æsthetically pleasing and sustainable solutions is a natural extension of who we are and allows our clients to, in turn, make a difference. By harvesting rainwater in their own backyard, our clients then contribute to protecting the world’s water resources.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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