Team members doing a presentation

At Premier Tech, we love to celebrate our victories, big and small! After all, who doesn’t love to celebrate? Not only is it fun, but it motivates us all into a mode of success!

Among the ways Premier Tech highlights the (many) accomplishments of their team members, there are annual meetings, organized by each Group to gather and celebrate their achievements.

In total, more than 1,000 team members are invited to gather to highlight their accomplishments. During these special moments, the leadership team reports on the current business situation to continue the next financial year on a common, solid, and consistent basis. Whatever it takes to start on the right foot!

Why involve so many team members outside of the Campus? Simply for the sake of openness, recognition, communication and, most importantly, to celebrate the commitment of all Premier Tech’s team members. In short, to congratulate them and encourage them to continue their excellent work!

Celebrating also gives a sense of contribution to the team members. By knowing the direction and the priorities that the company sets itself to achieve its goals, they will better understand how they can contribute in their own way. It's especially motivating to know that the little gestures we make every day will have an effect on something bigger than us!

"It's a moment to step back and see the whole picture. At the end of the day, it allows team members to reposition their work, understand certain decisions and better adhere to them. The company is the sum of its team members: alone it does not move," explains Marie-Josée Bouchard, Talent Attraction Director. This kind of event motivates the team members to get involved and to be part of the solutions.

After this celebration, the team members are ready to brave a new year at Premier Tech. A year filled with larger-than-life projects, cooperation, and innovation! Here we go!

Would you like to be a part of our next celebration? We look forward to your application: