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Call him “Master Chris”!

Chris Wadium

As a former engineer, he now acts as a Sales Manager for Premier Tech Chronos in our Salt Lake City facility. His job: helping clients upgrade and optimize their systems. Here's his story:

When Christopher Wadium’s son was five years old, he decided they should do a father-son bonding activity. It was then that they started taking Taekwondo classes together. They soon realized that they both had a real passion for it! So, year after year, they persevered and noticed how much they were truly evolving and advancing to higher levels, with his son ultimately reaching the second-degree black belt! But Christopher had also developed a true dedication towards Taekwondo. After more than 25 years, he can proudly say that he is now a seven-degree black belt, which makes him a Master Instructor—one of the few Americans to have achieved this feat. Wow! He even won a national tournament in 2007! “You can now call me Master Chris!” he says.

This is quite a remarkable accomplishment, considering that it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years to become a first degree! “I never thought I’d last this long. You have to keep doing it: you can’t leave and just come back. It really takes consistency! And I’ve been doing it for 25 years,” says Christopher. But why does he like this martial art so much? “What I like the most about Taekwondo is that you’re always learning. Even though I am considered a Master, I’m still learning. Plus, it makes me exercise, while also using my mind,” he says. Sparring, board breaking, self-defence, forms, patterns… he does it all!

Christopher also gets to travel a lot, for competing and for work. “In Utah, we have 2 competitions a year, and people from all around the country are coming. I have also trained in other countries, such as Australia and Colombia. I like this worldwide aspect, it gives credibility to Taekwondo. And it’s the same as for Premier Tech: we are worldwide, so we have access to a global network and a lot of resources. It really helps us help our clients win,” he says.

As a black belt holder, Master Chris is also a Taekwondo instructor, which allows him to share his passion. “Teaching also helps talk in front of people. I have no problem doing that,” says Christopher, who even came to the Premier Tech Campus in Rivière-du-Loup a few times this summer for work to give presentations and to meet clients. Vision, dedication, and consistency are just a few of the many tools he has developed over years from Taekwondo that he now applies to his job at Premier Tech! Impressive, isn’t it?

Are you as passionate and devoted as Christopher? At Premier Tech, we are seeking people just like him! Join our team at: www.premiertech.com/careers