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Athletes Who Embody Premier Tech

Athletes PT

We firmly believe our involvement in sports has a bigger impact when we’re there for the long run. When we commit to young, driven athletes, we support them through their whole journey. Over the years, we have sponsored some 20 athletes with whom we have built such lasting bonds of trust that, in their own way, they too become members of the Premier Tech Team. 

“In sports as in life, mindset makes all the difference. That’s why it is so important to team up with motivated, determined players like Premier Tech.” 

— Charles Philibert-Thiboutot, Track and Field

We don’t believe in status quo. We believe in always doing better. In raising the bar. In being an inspiration to each other. We surround ourselves with the best, with partners who share our deep desire to succeed and aim for the greatest goals. Every day, Premier Tech athletes devote time and energy to unlocking their full potential. In their tireless pursuit of excellence, they stop at nothing to achieve their lifelong dreams. 

“I’m fully committed to being the best version of myself, on and off the race track. That’s why I work hard every day — to improve and up my performance.” 

— Laurence Côté, Track and Field

Together, we are stronger. We go further. Fuelled by a shared passion for excellence, we can accomplish great things. We leverage the synergy of the team to succeed together, with each team member playing a key role and contributing in their own way. We believe that, in sports as well as in business, tapping into the power of the team allows everyone to truly bring their best to the table.

“The strength of Astana – Premier Tech team comes from our diversity. We each bring our own skill sets that propel us further. We are a big, close-knit family ready for any challenge.”

—Hugo Houle, cycling

We look forward to following the finals of the 56th Québec Winter Games, which will be held in 2022 in Rivière-du-Loup. As a partner and contributor to the event, we are proud to help young athletes shine. Watching these young people achieve their dreams makes our support all worth it.

“Being able to train with elite Canadian athletes allows me to push my limits every single day. Teamwork is a huge motivator for me.”

— Alexis Marceau, patinage de vitesse sur courte piste


With the 2021 and 2022 Olympic Games fast approaching, Premier Tech athletes will get to experience some pretty exciting moments in the coming months. While many are eagerly awaiting their official invitations, Hugo Houle has already secured a spot in the next Olympic Games, where he will compete for the second time in his career. And he is not the first Premier Tech athlete to make it to the Olympics. Our support for athletes is part of our longstanding commitment to health and sports, and some of our athletes — including short-track speed skater Guillaume Bastille and cyclist Joanie Caron — have also competed in the Olympics during their partnership with Premier Tech. We are proud to support our athletes as they strive for this major milestone in their career.

Good luck to all Premier Tech athletes! The Premier Tech Team has your back.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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