Astana - Premier Tech cyclist

United, We Race

Behind every winner stands a strong and diverse team working towards a common goal. One team setting the pace and building on the momentum to create an unparalleled synergy. In both sports and business, teamwork, strategy and consistency are the cornerstones of success.

That’s why there are such strong similarities between Premier Tech and cycling. Every day, our team leverages the strong bond that unites us in order to make a difference, as a business and as athletes. After all, cycling is the embodiment of teamwork — and so are we.


Astana - Premier Tech cycling team


United, We Cheer

Sport brings us together — team members, clients and partners alike. We are all united behind this one team, the Astana – Premier Tech team. Because no other sport brings us as close to the action as cycling. This creates a strong wave of pride and support that transforms entire nations into stadiums. This is our team.


Astana - Premier Tech cycling team


United, We Inspire

We believe the road to becoming a professional athlete is a journey. And as the first Canadian flag on the WorldTour circuit, we are paving the way for the young Canadians of tomorrow. Those aspiring to become professional riders or to work as mechanics, sports directors, trainers or health specialists within a cycling team. Driven by a genuine passion for cycling, we make sure to expand our involvement at every step of the sport, from development teams to the UCI WorldTour level.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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