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An accountant like no other!

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For Éric Santerre, no challenge is too ambitious! Whether it is in the context of his work or his personal projects, this accountant and entrepreneur will stop at nothing and jump to his feet at every opportunity.

So, it’s no wonder that he was awarded the 2018 CPA Emeritus Award for the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, a distinction awarded to Chartered Professional Accountants who make remarkable contributions to the success of an organization, and who are models for both the future and the business community!

As Accounting Supervisor at Premier Tech, Éric is fortunate enough to showcase his talent and skills as well as his passion for numbers daily. "Given the complexity and scale of the business, working in accounting at Premier Tech, it really allows us to seize great opportunities," he explains.

His many accomplishments include his involvement in a project to acquire a Brazilian company by Premier Tech in 2014. He had been given a mandate to integrate this new company with Premier Tech – a challenge he immediately accepted! Reduce both cultural and language barriers with the locals, learn about Brazil’s practices and the new company, instill new practices so that the latter integrates as much as possible with Premier Tech... this is what Eric quickly accomplished with professionalism and skill. "Some people might call me ‘workaholic’, but in fact, I really like to invest myself and give more than the client asks! I always try to keep my clients, both internal and external, satisfied," he says. This is just one example of how accountants at Premier Tech really have an impact on the growth of the company!

Being a team member at Premier Tech is so much more than what we do 8-5!

Today we see a real pivot of the social and cultural life of the Basques region, such as Trois-Pistole’s coffee shop: Café Grains de Folie, who has also been able to benefit from Éric Santerre's expertise. Co-owner of this café-bistro since 2013, Éric felt that the downtown area needed a breath of fresh air: a place that would be out of the ordinary. He rolled up his sleeves, applied his knowledge in accounting and set up this place to become a real must in the region. The café now has live shows, lively nights, happy hour, book and record releases, as well as a regional menu. "This is proof that when an accountant joins a team, the expected profitability of a project can be greatly improved, because thanks to our expertise, we can provide entrepreneurs with a realistic look at what we have to do to ensure profitable growth,” says Éric.

And even with all of his commitments, this passionate team member also finds time to take care of his young family and volunteer for causes that are close to his heart, like the Premier Tech Everest Challenge! A real pillar for our community!

Premier Tech is proud to count on team members like Éric. We send our warmest congratulations to Éric for his CPA Emeritus Award!