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6 reasons to convince you to work in Sales at PT

Team member doing a presentation

At Premier Tech, we often say: without our clients, we are nothing. Without them it’s difficult for us to move forward. And to succeed in building trusting relationships with all our clients, it's essential to build ambitious sales teams that know where they are going, and that strive for excellence.

As it is a big challenge to find experienced sales managers, we asked Christopher Lainesse, sales manager at Premier Tech Horticulture, to reveal the 6 best arguments to convince you to apply.

This was his response:

1. “Premier Tech is a company that is evolving in a field of the future and is constantly changing: each of Premier Tech’s Groups experience growth in their respective markets, none of which are threatened. In other words, the future is within our reach!

2. It's also an innovation-driven company: we like to think out of the box and are willing to change the way we do things, which helps both us and our clients to move forward and go further. Sales teams therefore continually have new products and business solutions to offer our clients.

3. Premier Tech and its trademarks are well known in our field: we are leaders in the industry because of our high-quality products and the performance they offer our clients. What's more motivating than knowing we only offer the best?

4. A multidisciplinary company such as Premier Tech is fortunate to be able to benefit from the talents of its many leaders and very diverse teams. As a result, the vision of our leaders is greatly enlarged, and our teams are equipped with experts in several fields.

5. Day after day, our leaders are inspired by Premier Tech's ambitious growth plan. We have given ourselves a vision to achieve our goals, and it is with passion that we achieve it.

6. Our clients are more than just clients, we consider them our partners. We work closely alongside of them, proposing concrete solutions that will ensure success with their projects.”

“Of course, for a perfect fit, successful sales teams require managers with a particular profile: intrepid intrapreneurs who have solid experience in the field of sales and who are endowed with great leadership. A sales manager acts as a true leader; in addition to collaborating on the development of the strategic plan of his Business Unit, he must ensure that his team is motivated to follow it, in order to evolve towards common goals.”

Do you have these inspiring and rigorous leadership qualities, but most importantly, an unrivaled competence for a sales management position? Send us your contact information or résumé to [email protected] and who knows, you could join our great Premier Tech team!