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5 reasons why you should come work in Organizational Development at PT

team members talking

At Premier Tech, we decided to use the expression “Organizational Development (OD)” instead of “Human Resources”. For us, a team member isn’t a resource, but more of a talent which brings added value in achieving our ambitions (and his!), which can be limitless!

And once more, we turn to you to find the best talent in Organizational Development! Here are 5 reasons that Myriam Lauzé, Organizational Development Advisor, and Charlie Michaud-Gauthier, Organizational Development Director, give to convince you to come and work in O.D. at Premier Tech:

1. Thanks to their advisory role, the team members in Organizational Development at Premier Tech are accompanists. Whether for the evolution of a team member's career, for the integration of new companies internationally or simply to help Premier Tech in managing its growth, the OD team members greatly facilitate the task by accompanying teams in their different changes.

2. At Premier Tech, everyone’s contribution is valued, which means that all team members share their talent and skills collaborating toward the success of the company without there being a hierarchy between them. Interactions are therefore very easy between each team member throughout the company, which also makes the OD function central to all business decisions.

3. Having a presence in 26 countries has a lot of advantages! Being involved internationally gives us the opportunity to adapt our approaches to different cultures, as well as benefiting from the talent of OD professionals from all over the world.

4. Because of its size, Premier Tech has several OD teams dedicated to understanding and mastering their products, markets and even competitors of the teams they support. These teams together form a larger team that becomes a large internal network for the exchange of good practices in Organizational Development, therefore creating a network accessible at all times!

5. The entrepreneurial side of the team members in OD is in great demand, especially when it comes to recommending innovative solutions that managers can apply within their teams. These opinions count so much in a multitude of projects, and creativity is always welcome!

The team members in Organizational Development at Premier Tech invest their time and effort toward the human aspect, to value the skills of individuals so that they can evolve. They know how to see the big picture to ensure that they meet the needs of their clients: the team members.

Are you a passionate human who, in your opinion, would be perfect for working in Organizational Development at Premier Tech? Take a look at our openings at www.premiertech.com/careers.