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Service Technician and Engineer
Engineering and design
Mytchett, England, United Kingdom
Service Technician and Engineer
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Looking for a new challenge? Ready for success? As a service technician and engineer, you will report to our operations manager.

You will have the opportunity to evolve within Premier Tech Water and Environment, an international leader and pioneer in environmental technologies for wastewater treatment. As we continue to develop, we have new and exciting challenges ahead of us.

Your future role

Maintenance and repairs

  • Conduct routine maintenance, inspections, and repairs on sewage pump stations, sewage treatment plant and general drainage equipment
  • Work with water booster service equipment
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues with pumps, motors, electrical systems, and controls

Installation and upgrades

  • Install new sewage treatment and pump station equipment and components as needed
  • Upgrade or replace outdated systems to improve efficiency and compliance

Compliance and safety

  • Ensure that pump stations and sewage treatment equipment meet environmental and safety regulations
  • Monitor and maintain records to demonstrate compliance

Emergency response

  • Assist with emergency response cover — weekly standby will be required
  • Respond to emergency such as pump failures, blockages, and sewage overflows
  • Implement corrective actions promptly to minimize damage and health risks

Data analysis

  • Use monitoring and control systems to analyze data and optimize pump station and sewage treatment performance
  • Make recommendations for improvements based on data insights

Customer service

  • Interact professionally with clients, addressing their concerns and providing solutions

Regulatory knowledge

  • Stay up to date with advancements in sewage pump station technology and industry best practices


  • Collaborate with other team members and communicate with clients or authorities as necessary
  • Provide clear reports on maintenance activities and findings


  • Maintain detailed records of maintenance, repairs, and equipment specifications
  • Keep accurate logs of incidents and service history

Safety protocols

  • Follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure personal safety and prevent environmental hazards

Problem solving

  • Troubleshoot complex issues with sewage pump systems

Regulatory knowledge

  • Stay updated on regulations pertaining to sewage systems

The ideal candidate

  • Previous experience working in a similar role
  • Experience servicing sewage treatment plant
  • Proficiency in using specialized tools, equipment, and software related to sewage pump stations
  • British Water accredited — preferred
  • Full and clean UK driving licence
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment
  • Maintain high company image and standards

If this offer seems like a challenge you’d like to embark in, apply now and let’s partner together!

Service Technician and Engineer
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