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Individually different, collectively unique

People seating at a table during an event

We firmly believe that understanding our differences makes us stronger and brings all of us together as a team. In fact, embracing our diversity and valuing its contribution and inherent strength has been one of our key business processes. 

Early on, the psychometric test TRIMA was chosen to act as the anchor of how we would balance our individual and collective team spirit into a cohesive collaboration effort. We wanted a tool that would capture the main characteristics, personality traits, beliefs and social styles of people. TRIMA provides great insight to better understand ourselves and our colleagues, allowing us all to work together more seamlessly and efficiently, leading to even greater successes. 

Personal TRIMA profiles are such an important part of our daily work life that we have expanded the use of this tool through team TRIMAs, learning about each team’s personality and strengths. This will allow us to better collaborate by putting communication, engagement and recognition first in order to succeed together.

This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2022. 
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