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Curious about what being a team member is all about?

That’s right:


Being a PT team member is much more than being just an employee. It means your talent and potential are recognized and valued. That your ideas are welcome. That you have the freedom to make a difference and are empowered to succeed.

Driven by passion

We give it everything we’ve got, every day. We care about every project we take on. We’re always looking to improve. And we’re genuinely passionate about what we do, from start to finish.

A clear long-term vision

At PT, we put serious thought into defining an inspiring vision for the future. It’s what motivates us and gives us confidence. That vision guides our everyday actions and keeps us focused on the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

We master our destiny

We have the freedom and ambition to develop bold new solutions. Where others see problems, we see possibilities. Innovation drives our momentum. Together, we can do anything.

Thriving on challenges

At PT, we firmly believe that passionate debates produce the best ideas. We believe in challenging ourselves and each other while in keeping with the PT Values. It’s how we learn and grow individually, but most importantly, how we move forward together as a team.

We’re unique and different

Being a PT team member means playing with a global and diverse team. We celebrate team wins, big and small, while recognizing one’s efforts. It’s about growing together, being confident, caring, and accomplishing a little more each day. 

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