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Feed, protect and improve our world

At Premier  Tech, People and


connect in lasting, transformative ways, giving life to products and services that help feed, protect and improve our world.


We increase crop yields.

Creating sustainable solutions to help feed the growing global population and beautify the world we live in: this is what we are all about.

We work to improve crop performance by bringing life back into the soils. Our distinctive solutions incorporating biostimulants and biocontrols enrich soils and fortify plants in an ecologically responsible manner. 

Each type of crop has its own needs, which is why we develop specially formulated products tailored for everything from ornamental, edible, and medicinal plants to field and specialized crops.

This is how we make a difference in the lives of growers.


We help people create beautiful and safe living environments.

Driven by our passion and expertise, we are committed to providing homeowners with products to bring their dream gardens to life and to protect their home and family.

We develop PRO-MIX®, C-I-L®,Wilson®, and Alaskan® brands that have earned a reputation for protecting homes and gardens, keeping them looking great year after year. 

We help homeowners achieve stunning results with our growing media and ground covers, garden fertilizers, and lawn care, control, and winter defense solutions.

This is how we make a difference in the lives of homeowners.


We enhance manufacturing facility efficiency. 

As part of our commitment to meeting our clients’ highest expectations, we help them improve their productivity, while protecting the safety of their people.

We integrate innovative and high-value systems leveraging the full potential of robotics. As world leaders in the manufacture of packaging and processing equipment, we are well known for our Chronos and Slootweg brands.

And because every industry has its own requirements, we specialize in equipment and client solutions for nutrition, agriculture, organics, and industrial products.

Discover how we make a difference in automation.



We bring to life sustainable solutions for water and solid waste. 

Driven by a shared passion for water and the environment, we are committed to protecting and restoring our most valuable shared resources.

Our team of researchers and experts leverages innovation to constantly redefine what is possible through effective, efficient, and ecological design.

At the cutting edge of today’s industry, we develop and improve technologies, products, and services for wastewater, rainwater, stormwater, liquid storage, and solid waste.

Discover how we make a difference for water and the environment.



We bring to life innovative industrial solutions for smart manufacturing and 3D visualization.

Empowering companies to create value. Gain competitive advantages. And, moreover, increase companies’ return on investment: this is what we are all about.

Our team gathers experts from different digital industries. Adding a unique set of skills to Premier Tech’s strong manufacturing experience. We create bold new solutions where no one sees it possible.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we offer applications and digital solutions for smart manufacturing and real-time 3D visualization.

Discover how we make a difference with innovative digital solutions.


Bettering the lives of people, businesses and communities is what our products and solutions are all about.

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