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telling the world your story with an instantly recognizable identity that sums up who you are and what you do.

Making a difference, this is what we are all about at Premier Tech. One team driven by a shared passion to deliver solutions that will better the lives of people, businesses and communities.

At Premier Tech, People and Technologies connect in lasting, transformative ways, giving life to products and services that help feed, protect and improve our world.

We are committed to creating sustainable solutions that help bring beautiful gardens to life, increase crop yields, improve the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, treat and recycle water, and much more as we keep innovating.

We are Premier Tech
People and Technologies making a difference

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Sharing our brand story

Solid, stable, timeless, consistent in its purpose, the new PT logo is the visual incarnation of our brand story—the People and Technologies that have been making a difference in the lives of people, businesses and communities for over 95 years.

Showing our true colors

We are blue 282. A deep blue which evokes reliability, quality, achievement, professionalism and dedication to our clients and stakeholders.

Bringing our words to life

As a complement to the words that make up a story, typography has the power to visually represent how we want to be heard. Geometric, solid, and timeless, the new PT typography, Axiforma, reflects passion, authenticity and modernity.

Giving an insider's view

People and Technologies in action: our photos are an insider's view of PT team members' daily life, a life that is all about a shared passion to make a difference.

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