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Making a Difference Through a Successful Partnership

Premier Tech
Premier Tech - Buhler
Premier Tech - Buhler

When two international leaders pool their similarities and common vision to work together in complete synergy, the result is a thriving and sustainable partnership. 

Partnerships like these owe their success to an undeniable chemistry, or a natural symbiosis, between the parties. For Bühler and Premier Tech, it was clear from the moment discussions first began that this was a perfect fit. That compatibility is clearly reflected in two similar cultures forged by a rich company history. 

But chemistry aside, what else drives a company to associate its name with that of another? Several fundamental questions come into play here. Do we have common values? Do we share similar goals? How could this partnership contribute to the success of our respective clients? Could it lead to the creation of sustainable solutions?

In our case, the answers spoke for themselves. 

Not only are we active in complementary markets, we also share a commitment to creating value for our clients through innovative and tailored solutions. Bühler and Premier Tech have a lot in common in other areas, too. Like our mutual drive to feed and protect our world, to foster safety and security for all, and to promote sustainable development. And most of all, our shared belief in nurturing our team members’ talents and working together as one to make a difference.

A partnership isn’t something you simply venture into. It takes serious thought and a willingness to go all in. We believe that a partnership’s long-term credibility and success are closely tied to the level of commitment on both sides and an open approach where each entity maintains its own identity and image, while at the same time elevating each other’s brand. 

That way — as with a positive chemical reaction — our individual impact is multiplied many times over. We now offer a new range of technology, as well as advanced and cost-effective equipment — something that simply wasn’t available in certain markets before. Together, we’re making an even bigger difference.

Together We Go Further

Building on our shared passion for innovative technologies, we joined forces with Bühler to create unique solutions perfectly in line with our commitment to creating value for our clients.

What began as a close collaboration and joint venture in China quickly evolved into a global partnership. The goal? To develop flexible, advanced packaging equipment and solutions for emerging markets — while optimizing the deployment of our state-of-the-art technologies around the globe.

This nearly three-year-old partnership has enabled us to fulfill incredible things and holds out great promise for the future.


Premier Tech - Buhler


Talks of cooperation regarding packaging and palletizing systems get underway in 2018 after a promising initial contact with Bühler.


Johannes Wick, CEO Grains and Food at Bühler, and André Noreau, President and CEO of Premier Tech Systems and Automation.

August 2019

Negotiations culminate in August 2019 with the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement on flexible industrial packaging systems aimed at developing competitively priced technologies — tailored to the requirements of clients in emerging markets — as well as a joint venture in China. These solutions are greatly inspired by high-performance technologies of the Premier Tech portfolio.



Premier Tech - Buhler 2
Mark Macus, CFO at Bühler, Martin Noël, Senior Vice-President and CFO at Premier Tech, the late Dieter Vögtli, former President of International Operations at Bühler — we take this opportunity to pay tribute and honor Dieter Vögtli, an outstanding leader, who sadly passed away before the Chinese joint venture was opened — André Noreau, President and CEO of Premier Tech Systems and Automation, and Stefan Scheiber, CEO of Bühler.

May 2020

This successful collaboration paves the way for a new phase. In May 2020, a global partnership establishes Premier Tech as Bühler’s strategic partner for all its clients’ palletization and flexible industrial packaging equipment needs worldwide. With this partnership, Bühler gains access to our advanced technologies and benefits from our global manufacturing presence and service teams.



Équipe Premier Tech - Buhler
The Premier Tech – Bühler team in China.

July 2020

In July 2020, the Chinese joint venture is launched with the opening of a design and manufacturing centre built to provide clients in emerging markets with modern, cost-effective packaging technologies.



Équipement CHRONOS OML-1060

March 2021

In March 2021, the joint venture launches its first product, the CHRONOS OML-1060. This fully automatic bagging station for the food, grain, and animal feed industries is a cost-effective version inspired by our top-of-the-line solutions.


And that’s only the beginning! Our teams are developing and expanding the product portfolio to support our clients and meet their needs in the various market sectors and segments Premier Tech and Bühler are committed to.

Our goal is to make sure our clients feel the difference of working with two industry leaders — two companies joining their strengths to provide top-level expertise and ultimately make a difference.


This story is from the Premier Tech Report 2021. 
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