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The 2022 Premier Tech Report is out now!

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It is our pleasure to present you with the Premier Tech Report 2022

Discover it now: www.premiertech.com/annual-report 

This past year is a significant milestone for Premier Tech as it marks the last year of our first century and, even more so, the first fiscal year in which we generated over $1 billion in revenue.

This result testifies to the trust our clients put in us and how much they value our services and technologies. They also reflect the strength of our brands in all the markets where Premier Tech operates. 

But this steady and sustained growth would be impossible without the commitment and hard work of all the team members around the world who have made PT a success story for nearly a century.

A desire for transparency that stands the test of time
With some 20 years at the Toronto Stock Exchange, Premier Tech held on to the rigour and discipline that were inherent to its status, combining them with a strong desire for transparency. The now private company still annually publishes the Premier Tech Report.

Enjoy your reading!