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MARCH 3, 2019 • FEBRUARY 29, 2020

All over the globe, nearly 4 600 Premier Tech team members have once again shown an unparalleled level of drive and dedication this year. Because of their steadfast desire to leave a lasting impression on people’s lives, we were able to keep on growing during fiscal 2020, and so we wish to thank them for their efforts.

Although brief, the Premier Tech Report 2020 highlights successes that deserve to be celebrated.



During fiscal year 2020, Premier Tech reported a historic growth of $40.8 million over the previous year, raising sales to $923.5 million. This 4.8% increase, comprised of 75% organic growth and 25% growth by acquisitions, confirms once again this year the value that our products and technologies bring to our clients in all our verticals.



With respect to its financial performance, Premier Tech recorded operational earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of $84.5 million for fiscal year 2020, which corresponds to 9.1% of sales generated over the period. This new record represents an improvement in operating EBITDA in absolute figures, as well as a 0.3% improvement in operating EBITDA over the previous year. 

Building on
Our Expertise

Fiscal year 2020 has seen three acquisitions as well as a major strategic alliance between Premier Tech Systems and Automation and Swiss company Bühler.

We also maintained significant investments in Innovation, Research and Development, which enabled our teams to further develop products and technologies that will be introduced to the markets in the coming years, thereby contributing to future organic growth.

Diversity Is 
Our Strength

Through its broad portfolio of products and services, brands and technologies, Premier Tech is active in many verticals and market sectors. This diversification allows the company to maintain significant growth despite the localized downturns that may occur. The vital part we play for businesses, communities and individuals involved with feeding, protecting and improving our world also provides us with a solid foundation for dealing with global economic fluctuations. 

Moving Forward
With Confidence

Despite the current global economic context, we are approaching fiscal year 2021 with focus and determination. Driven by our stability of ownership, by the diversity of our verticals as well as by our ability to support our clients during this period of change through our global footprint, we believe we are in a good position to tackle the coming months in a realistic and resilient manner, while keeping our focus on the future.

Premier Tech approaches this turbulent period with an attitude similar to the one adopted during the recession, which, along with a financial and real estate crisis, marked the year 2008. Still to this day, our strength and financial stability are the foundation that allows us to implement the action plans and approaches that will enable us to come out of this situation even stronger, now and for years to come.

In the wake of this latest recession, Premier Tech saw its revenue grow from $263 million to $924 million, totalling a $661 million increase and representing a compound annual growth rate of 13.41% over the same period. This growth also enabled the company to expand its global footprint, from its presence in 17 countries and 21 plants in 2010, to a foothold in 27 countries and 46 plants today.

Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal year 2021 will certainly be an unprecedented year for Premier Tech, as it will be for the vast majority of businesses around the world. Yet, we are confident that we will be successful in creating change and setting the pace to successfully deploy our brands and technologies in order to meet today’s challenges. Through the passion of our team members and the technologies we master, we will keep on making a difference to help feed, protect and improve our world.