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Premier Tech’s Products and Services Key to Essential Activities  

Premier Tech
Photo credit: Premier Tech
Photo credit: Premier Tech

Since the end of last week, a new wave of protective and social distancing measures has come to light. While already implemented in several states of the US, these new measures were announced yesterday in Canada, more specifically in Québec and in Ontario.

Our teams have since studied and analyzed these government announcements and, although very similar from one jurisdiction to another, they sometimes show slight differences.

The conclusion with respect to all this is as follows: Premier Tech’s products and services, hence Premier Tech’s operations, are aligned to the descriptions of “essential activities” in the jurisdictions where such instructions were given to this date, with a few exceptions.

The products we build are at the forefront of maintaining the health of people, protecting the environment and contributing to the vital supply chain of feeding the population. This crisis is a public health crisis, which could be exacerbated if our products and services were unavailable for a certain period of time.

Premier Tech remains committed to maintaining its operations recognized as essential and to suspending those which are not, while balancing its workforce in light of the level of economic activity in order to sustainably and proactively support its clients — who contribute to reducing the impacts of this tumultuous period on the population. Many clients have explicitly asked Premier Tech and its team members to help them maintain the production of essential goods needed for day-to-day life, nutrition and protecting the environment.

In this unprecedented period, Premier Tech take all the necessary measures to ensure that everyday life can move forward around the world, while staying in line with the protection of the population and the global effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Together, we must ensure that the production and distribution of essential goods are maintained to secure access to food, medicine and hygiene supplies, as well as for environmental protection.

Our products are an important part of essential services, as they make a great difference in the health and safety of the global population, especially in this critical period.

Of course, the protective measures implemented in our offices and plants are in keeping with — and sometimes exceed — government’s and Public Health Agency’s recommendations. Moreover, the activities at our plants have been adapted to distance as much as it is practical team members from one another.

Premier Tech will continue to adapt to every recommendation issued by the governments.