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Headed for Rivière-du-Loup!

Geneviève Desjardins - Équipe Attraction de talents

Having had the opportunity to live in Canada, Sweden, and the UK, Stéphan Campeau has seen his career evolve over the years. But a few months ago, it was here at the Premier Tech World Headquarters that he decided to stop globetrotting and put down roots in Rivière-du-Loup, QC - at Premier Tech

After a long period of reflection, Stéphan who is originally from Montreal, finally felt ready for new professional challenges. This change in carrier, and in life, was something he wouldn’t make for just anything; “It had to resemble me, not just the job, but the company, too” he recalls. “At first I had no idea what Premier Tech was. I come from the manufacturing world and that's what I like. So, Premier Tech Systems & Automation was just what I was looking for."

Today Stéphan is the Vice President of Administration and Finance at Premier Tech Systems and Automation. “The international aspect of having facilities all over the world was really interesting to me. But what tipped the scales was what Premier Tech represents: a close-knit company despite its international aspect, with solid values, where we are given a lot of responsibility, and are left with a lot of autonomy. This really appealed to me.”

His challenge for the coming years: as a team, support the constant growth of Premier Tech by integrating, structuring and standardizing processes in different home ports on the international level, for everything relating to administration and finances.

Because truth be told, being an international company does have its share of challenges! "What stimulates me the most is to see the variety of cultures, the many different approaches, and the complexity of an organization that is constantly growing by acquisitions among other things. Whether its tax laws, taxes, import or export duties, production in other countries... I feel that I can really contribute to enhancing the business.”

In addition to his new career, Stéphan also made a major lifestyle change by leaving behind Montreal and moving to Rivière-du-Loup, a choice he does not regret at all. "My life is balanced, there is a wonderful quality of life living here. I live 10 minutes away from work - I can even go home for lunch! I find that people here are friendly, courteous, and are not stressed. It makes a difference. The town of Rivière-du-Loup has a lot to offer.”

Making the jump can be scary, that goes without saying. "But once we've done it, we realize that actually, it's easy! All I know is that I have an amazing challenge in front of me, in a beautiful region, and this will allow me to flourish. "

There’s no lack of challenges in Accounting, Finance and Administration at Premier Tech! Come make a difference too!